Wood Watch Co. - Eco Watches using Green Business Model

Wood Watch Co. - Eco Watches using Green Business Model

The vision for this website is to start a company that follows a Green Business Model. That is, a company that uses business solutions to solve social or environmental problems. The long term vision is to provide substantial donations towards projects globally and locally that environmental problems. The aim is for this site to be an environmental movement and we need all of your help to do it. 

In today's political atmosphere, the US Government is moving away from the protection of vital resources both nationwide and globally. In response to that, there has been a strong movement by individuals, and by the individual States themselves.

This will be part of that movement. For every wood watch you buy at Wood Watch Co., 15% of the profit will go towards projects aimed at preserving our planet. It is my goal to find a model that is replicable and scale-able, and start aggressively expanding and supporting the preservation of vital natural resources.

If you have any comments or ideas, shoot us an email. It would be great to hear from you about how to make this movement better. Are there specific areas that you want focused on? Are there specific locations you want preserved? Let us know!

-Sam F.

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